We playin’ some Hunter y’all!


Practical Experience: 0
Safehouse – The Monteneri Estate (Size 3, Secrecy 1) : The senior Monteneri had a rather nice house and while he’s dead somehow legally still owns it. Odd.

  • Vampires are dead guys who run around and drink blood. Mostly?
  • Ghosts are real! Some can talk to people.
  • Werewolves are real and real murderous.

Chargen-Session Stuff

Origin Story/Meetups

Thomas was tracking the ghost of a child who was killed by a vampire who happened to be hunted by Saint. They teamed up! Ted was tracking rumors of a man who could transform into a wolf in Omaha, turns out a vampire was also tracking the wolfman. Saint and Thomas had been captured by the vampire after meddling with his shit and were rescued by thomas. They teamed up!

Stuff People Want

Omaha and the surrounding area

  • Street gangs
  • White supremacist meth bikers (not vampires)
  • Other hunters (slasher cell?)
  • Oil cash grab somewhere outside of town


  • Feudal vampire system
  • Vampire gangs
  • Nothing too crazy vampire-wise


  • Men that turn into wolves in the woods
  • Mostly in the outskirts
  • Some ‘black spiral dancer’ esque ones


  • A geist who is a major player and a mysterious figure
  • Demons, possession
  • Multiple types of zombies, everyday type of thing
  • Sewer zombies
  • Cthulhu-esque shit
  • Necronomicon-type books
  • Moral grey areas
  • Minimal mages or prometheans

Hunter: Omaha